Chris Hawkins
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Studio Potter

The immediacy of the raku copper fuming process influences how I work; striving to create a balance between tightly thrown form and the unpredictability & vibrancy of the fumed copper surface.

I work from my studio which is set in 6 acres of woodland, it is an artist’s paradise having been largely left untouched with water meadows and ponds creating a haven for wildlife and is one of the inspirations for my creativity.  The land runs along the banks of the river Tamar, a steep sided valley which serves as a border between Devon & Cornwall in the Southwest UK.


The Tamar Valley has a long mining history and is well known for its industrial heritage, parts of the valley are designated as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’, it also sits in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.  The area has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape. My studio sits within 100m of a deep adit for ‘Ding Dong’ mine that was once mined for the same sort of minerals that I use in my glazes today.